Interior painting color trends for 2014-2015

As we step into the second and more festive half of the year, we see certain dominant trends in interiors surfacing all over. A closer look at the these show that people as well as designers are finally stepping out of their comfort zones and experimenting with their life and styles. These little changes have all added up to create a new wave of interior trends that are aimed to add a little more pizzazz to homes around the country. As American homeowners are rising up to meet these new challenges let’s take a look at what’s cooking (or rather painting!) this year.


A quick look at the interior painting color trends for 2014:

#1 – Bye Bye beige: No more playing safe and hiding behind beige this time. Avant garde designers have been hinting at doing away with it and it seems this year most of them have. One reason for beige being so popular is its timeless quality and the fact that it made it easy for people to accessorize and change décor as they pleased. But the lack of boldness has gotten a bit old and young designers are not willing to showcase the same old style in their work anymore. Change is proving to surprising easy as the new generation of homeowners seems equally eager to experiment.

#2 – Gray is the new black – Just because our inner selves are opening up to more challenges, it doesn’t mean that that neutrals are out. On the contrary, neutrals are being looked at and used in a different way to make interiors more stylish and tasteful. Instead of opting for safer shades, paint colors in various shades of gray are taking front seat this year. Gray Harbor by Sherwin Williams and Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore are among the top choices so far. It’s easy to see why this shade is creating such an unprecedented wave; it offers a perfect balance between the bold and neutral thus satisfying all kinds of interior tastes.


#3 – Blend in the blues – Another shade that is definitely making waves this year is blue, in its many avatars. Blue has been associated with stress relief, peace and serenity for a long time and yet it has a certain spark of naughtiness in it which adds to the design challenge. When you walk into a room with blue walls or one blue wall, you will be struck by the brilliance which then slowly gives way to a soothing feeling. From rich and vibrant shades like indigo, peacock blue, cobalt and navy blue there are demands for the more serene sky blue, aqua and turquoise shades as well. Interesting HGTV article about painting color ideas.

#4 – Bold and beautiful – Now back to the bolder trends that are emerging fast, there is increasing demand for stark color palettes especially as a contrast wall. From the warm coral which can create a tropical vibe to the stunning orange which can render one speechless, there are all kinds of experiments to create a definitive accent wall. Bold hues like bright yellow to bring in a sunny feeling are a common thread in interiors this year.

#5 – Walls and accents – More and more wall colors are being chosen or decided upon based on accents instead the other way around. Earlier people played safe and kept the walls neutral but now they don’t boring to be their brand anymore. So if you see a vibrant pink wall with big-impact accents, don’t be surprised. It seems like the time for the chameleon décor is finally here.