Painted White Kitchen Cabinets

No matter how times change and how many designs come and go, nothing can really take away the demand and popularity of the white kitchen cabinets. The color white is all-encompassing, absorbing all other shades and matching all kinds of tastes and styles effortlessly. White is very kind on homeowners because it can be easily matched with all kinds of décor from the traditional, transitional to the ultra-modern. It can create a beautiful foundation for varying designs and accents which mean you can dress your kitchen up any way you like and keep changing the décor any time you want. Painted kitchen cabinets gain more popularity compared to traditional semi transparent colors.

Some intrinsic features of white kitchen cabinets:


Simple – White paint is an epitome of simplicity. For those want simpler lines in their kitchen design can opt for the various kinds of white cabinets, from the ageless Shaker, country cottage white, old world white, glazed modernistic white, geometric white and contemporary white among others. From the New England, Southern to south-western – all popular designs can excel in white. Painted kitchen cabinets offer simple uniform look.

Elegant – White is the symbol of elegance. It makes a great focal point for homes that are steeped in elegant design lines and classy décor ideas. What makes it such a popular choice is with a white cabinet one doesn’t have to do put in extra efforts to get the tone set. The color itself projects outward to define the mood.


We do all stages of painting kitchen cabinets, we can even paint the finished cabinets you already bought in desired color.

Neutral – White offers a neutral base for your décor which means that you can have versatile options for your accents and the rest of the kitchen décor. While it offers an easy elegance you can break away from the monotony any time you want with simple design elements in bright colors like a print, cooking or baking accessories, décor items, the cookware you use and even the seating arrangement around the island.

Brilliant – White brings in light and brilliance to the room which impacts all kinds of spaces, small as well as large. One might think that only smaller kitchens need the aid of white but in reality it can play a big role in truly bringing out the beauty of a large kitchen as well. The intrinsic brilliance of the color widens and opens up the room and banishes all signs of confinement right away.


Versatile – For a monotone like white it is perhaps unimaginable what it can be equated with easy versatility but that’s exactly what happens. Not just in look and décor, but even in your choice of materials white can be effortlessly matched with any option. So whether you choose a laminate or thermofoil, opt for RTA or more expensive custom wood cabinets, a white finish can be achieved in all, though they work better in the latter cases. You can get them painted, glazed or opt for a distressed look with exceptional outcome in each.